Why Face Painting?

From time immemorial, face and body art have been ways for people to acquire the powers of the creature they have been painted to resemble, or to hide their own identity from negative forces.

Watch a warrior in warpaint, a football player with undereye, anti-glare paint, or a child who has just been painted as a superhero, and you will see them acquire strength and bravery they would never have believed they had before they were so arrayed.

Watch a little girl in princess makeup, a model, freshly painted for the runway, or an aging actress made up to portray a younger woman and each will stand taller & prouder, seeing her beauty reflected in the mirror and in the response of her audience.

Face and body art are a way for you to try on - even if only for a few moments - a new persona, and,who knows, perhaps to enhance your own persona permanently at the same time!

Treat yourself, your children, your guests or customers to this wonderful fantasy...

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