Tips on Picking A Facepainter

1. What kind of materials does the artist use?
Professional face and body artists use cosmetic quality “paints” and accessories that meet FDA guidelines and are easily removed, such as Paradise by Mehron, Snazaroo, Wolfe Brothers, Diamond FX, and Kryolan. Beware the painter who simply tells you that his or her paints are non-toxic. After all, jalapeno peppers are non- toxic, and who would want to have them smeared on his face??? We will gladly provide a manufacturer’s list of the ingredients of our materials.
2. Do you feel comfortable with the artist?
Try to meet him or her in person. Do you think your child or guests will feel comfortable with her/him? We will gladly arrange a free consultation to help you select the designs and schedule of services that will make your event a success!
3. Does the artist seem knowledgeable? Experienced?
Our background includes over 18 successful years in the business and and training with world class artists including Mark Reid, Olivier Zegers, Jinny Gagnon, & Lynn Jamieson, among others.
4. Is the artist insured?
We carry insurance to protect our clients and ourselves from spills, breakage or injury.
5. Can the artist give you references?
As a result of so many years of experience and many repeat engagements, we have a list of happy customers for your to check. Want to see what some of them have to say? Click on "Our Fans".
6. Will the artist provide you with quotes – either flat rate or hourly?
Our rates are based on your needs (date, time, place, theme, number of subjects). Please call us to discuss your vision of a memorable event!
7. Will the artist furnish a written agreement specifying dates, times, services and anything else that s/he and you will expect?
We will be glad to provide you with a copy of our agreement! Just ask!

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